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Register a Company in Ukraine + Employees Abroad

Gutovska & Partners law firm made a scheme on how it is better to open a company in Ukraine if you are a foreign citizen, and the stuff will be on substantial business trips.

There is no restriction on opening companies in Ukraine for foreign citizens - you can be an owner of the company yourself, the procedure of opening takes 1-3 business days and there is no state fee for the registration.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most suitable form of doing business in Ukraine, simple to operate and file taxes. There is no minimum capital amount, e.g. the capital of the LLC can be 10$, but do pay attention for it, if you state too small capital, it can attract attention of tax officers. For registration you will need:

1. Articles of a Company (Statut) 2. Written Decision of Incorporation (Opening) 3. Copies of your ID 4. Filled Registration Form

Unfortunately, all the documents should be written in Ukrainian and no English-speaking service is offered by Registration Service.

There is no specific requirements for roreign-owned companies for recording business trips of employees. According to the Code of Labor Laws, time employee spend in business trips is not limited. Your stuff can work 365 days of the year abroad for the purposes of business, just be sure to file all needed "orders" for every employee - it is an internal document where all the responsibilies, tasks, payments and terms of the business trip should be included.

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