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Gutovska & Partners supports Metropolitan Police in efforts related to war in Ukraine

Gutovska & Partners is proud to support Metropolitan Police in efforts to investigate events related to war in Ukraine and prosecute persons guilty in war crimes and those who are and were supporting Russian invasion of Ukraine. Metropolitan Police has created a special task force to tackle issues related to investigaion of war crimes and other crimes related to war in Ukraine.

Overall authority of investigating possible war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in Ukraine lies with International Criminal Court (ICC). ICC opened an investigation into possible crimes in Ukraine on 02 March 2022. Office of the ICC Prosecutor received referrals for opening of the investigation from thirty-nine ICC 39 ICC States Parties. In its preliminary examination, the Office of ICC Prosecutor had found a reasonable basis to believe crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court had been committed. Since then, there were numerous reportings of killings of civilians, rape and torture, as well as mass bombing of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Gutovska & Partners is working on ensuring timely and effective investigation of these reportings.

Separately from actions in the UK, Gutovska & Partners supports the efforts of "Freeze and Seize" Task Force, which works to support freezing and cofiscation of assets of sanctioned individuals and entities.

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