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5 Steps to Success in Legal Profession


Forget about fairy tales where the worst student becomes the most successful one after graduation. (​Sure, if you measure success by amount of sportcars bought to that guy by his dad, this article is probably not for you at all, man) But you should know that being a lawyer requires solid background and the understanding of the whole system of law and that specific area you want to become a pro at.

2. START EARLY The more practical skills you get until you obtain the diploma - the more valuable you are on the market when start the career. Law firms want to hire not only well-educated, but also trained ones. Try to look for various internships, schools and courses while studying. It's wonderful if you manage to find yourself a tutor/couch, who'll share his experience with you.

You can either become a captive of relax-do-nothing college life or build a reputation of valuable specialist - up to you.

3. BE PASSIONATE Being passionate is extremely important! Love what you do ​​and do it giving your energy and emotional resource. And yes, even if you are drafting the most boring contract in the world, there is always some place for passion and imagination. Do pretty structuring or whatsoever.

4. DON'T EVER STOP The key to success is continuous growth and self-development. Every profession requires day-to-day upgrade, but on the legal market it's even more important to follow the legislation changes and court practice. Do not forget about the research and network building! 5. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF You can do anything! Believe in yourself, get inspired, do not listen to anyone who says that you will fail. Staying always confident and purposeful is the core which can help you in the law school, when passing bar examination and job interview. You will be amazing lawyer, just go to your goal!

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