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Estimating your Value: the Real Cost of Profession by President of the Firm Olga Gutovska

When it comes to all the hardships and stress of hiring new people for a law firm, many of us spent nights into tears of disappointment, and hours of conference time went useless discussing how bad the level of applicants is.

But what's the point of circle-going (in Ukrainian we say "to powder water in a jar")?

Better hire one expensive, but good HR, who will tell you about EFA system -- Estimated future ability index, which is used in the US to estimated the "value" (I'm really sorry for this word) and the perspective of a candidate.

Basically, EFA is a very simple construction, where maximum point is 100, where 20 is current education & experience, 20 -- loyalty perspective, 20 -- energy and passion, 10 -- health and future plans (explain later), 10 -- morals and surrounding, 10 -- communication and other soft skills, and 10 -- very basic IQ check.

So, that's what modern HR philosophy gives the employers -- scheme to calculate the value of each candidate, and choose the one who's closer to 100.

The main point, as for me, is the balance between education & experience and loyalty perspective and energy & passion -- all of them are equal 20 points; interesting, yeah?

But that's true. In the very end you go to the conclusion that the experience itself, without proper internal qualities, can be totally useless.

By the way, in the US they hire even to the Intelligence like this. On the other hand, why should've I been surprised -- who needs an agent without passion to be a better agent, ah?

So yes, my dear fellows, your diploma, does not mater how "cool" it seems to you, does not mean anything itself, without your constant self-improvement, rise, growth and love to profession. Keep your passion, fight till the last breath to keep your principles, and you'll be a solid 100.

PS. Looking forward to see everyone 99+ in Gutovska & Partners offices across the world! I believe in all of you guys, just keep in mind that every new day is a new challenge, and the EFA is about improving your score every day.

Ms. Olga Gutovska

edited by Gutovska & Partners Barcelona

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