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Olga Gutovska Served as a Judge in the National Law Tournament 2017

On Friday, 31 March, the National Law Tournament in Ukraine has reached its apogee with festive closing and distribution of trophies to the laureates. Olga Gutovska, managing partner of Gutovska & Partners, who served as a judge in the Tournament by virtue of the invitation from the Ministry of Education, has participated in the ceremony and delivered a speech.

Olga Gutovska has delivered several special trophies to the laureates and announced the participants who won the summer internships in Gutovska & Partners Spain and Ukraine offices. Ms Gutovska told that she is amazed of the high level of knowledge of law demonstrated by the participants during the Tournament and wished everyone of them to stay inspired by law and be proud of the profession, role and prestige of it, and not to allow disappointments of everyday routine break the beauty and passion of the legal career.

The laureates of the Tournament also received greetings from Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, local government of Zhytomyr and The Fund of State Assets, professional literature publishers, and leaders of industry.

The Tournament is held on a yearly basis. Gutovska & Partners gives special thanks to Nanesenie.com.ua for great help with the trophies for the laureates.

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