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Olga Gutovska to write a textbook: Fundamentals of English Law

Olga Gutovska, managing partner of Gutovska & Partners, has confirmed she is working on a textbook which is scheduled for publishing in January 2021.

Olga commented: "None of the ventures and pursuits of recent years, despite pulled me from writing, have eventually succeeded in turning me away from this passion completely. A human of my character is not happy when his mind is directed towards one line of practice only. My beloved Durkheim has rightly put the division of labour to be beneficial to the organisms generally, but he never analysed the division from a perspective of an individual but from the humanity's, or, like Adam Smith, from the societal one. If one had however thought about the matter carefully he would have probably agreed that the greatest benefit for the society and for the individual are not identical and frequently contrary notions: society would have loved someone being a counsel only - the recurring pattern of behaviors would sharpened the counsel's mind to serve the client faster, more precise and effective - as what a good soldier is expected to achieve in many years of his trade to duly serve his master. Society, in a same manner, would have derived more profits from someone being a teacher only - where the psychologies and attentions of the apprentices and students are better understood by him with years of work. Upset with those, I thought: Da Vinci, Nicola Tesla, Fitzgerald and Churchill would have however argued with their lives that there is an exception from every rule. Empirically equipped with their hypothetical arguments I found myself an excuse to divest part of my time as a lawyer and femme d'affairs to writing.

I was writing since this May. I hope this will be a useful book for all sorts of readers: LPC students, civil lawyers, arbitration practitioners, and foreign academics. If my editor allows (I secretly hope he will) I will keep the jokes and case studies. I had a fairly painful relationship with formal education - which 'equated' and limited the potential - and, if not the Books, which were and are the friends of mine that are always here, it is difficult to predict what I have had learned, so I want accessible knowledge to be available to future generations too, at the same time, quite selfishly, of course, giving myself a tremendous enjoyment of the process of passing it on".

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