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About Obligatory Tech registration

Gutovska&Partners Technologies Practice team advices on obligatory Tech registration according to the Ministry of Education Regulation N 1156 from 09 November 2015. Indeed, the registration in the State register was obligatory from 2013, but new programming software published on Ukrainian Institute for Scientific, Technical and Economic Education only in the beginning of 2016 http://www.uintei.kiev.ua/viewpage.php?page_id=762

Yes, according to Law N 143-16 "On government regulation of transfer technologies activity" technology is a result of scientific and technical activity, a complex of classified scientific achievements, management and other solutions on lists, terms and sequences of operations or manufacturing of services providers.

Know-hows and high technologies are types of technologies according to the mentioned Law. The difference between what to register - technologies, intellectual property objects or patents can possibly influence next tax solutions and the level of business product protection throughout the world.

For most innovative technologies developers and retailers who cooperate with govenment and local authorities it is quite labour intensive process to correlate internal documents with new regulations of the Ministry of Education, especially taking into consideration that software is provided only in Ukrainian.

How to manage to register the technology developed by your business, what is cinsidered technology due to Ukrainian and International legislation and how to balance risks and protect intellectual property not overmaking fees in Ukraine? - Gutovska&Partners is happy to advice national and foreign companies.


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