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We believe that today's globalised world needs a new standard of legal advice - the one which reflects the international aspirations of business and individuals. Our legal services and solutions aim to help Clients to feel comfortable in every jurisdiction and reach new heights.


We advise on cross-border matters, making the borders a formality, not an obstacle. Our client-centered practice provides a full range of cross-border services, from legal protection of investments and advice on acquisitions to reputation protection and wealth protection.

Cross-border matters require deep understanding of transactional side as well as expertise in legal systems of jurisdictions involved. We are proud of having both and offering the highest quality of service to Clients. Cross-border matters Gutovska & Partners advises on include investments, corporate structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, complex transactions and projects.


We are proud of offering advice and services in most complex projects, which involve multiple jurisdictions in the region.

Gutovska & Partners is a proven advisor in most challenging cases in EMEA. We work for you in every jurisdiction.When the whole world is home for our private Clients, we know how to make it welcoming.


We protect the rule of law and make sure you are in line with regulation of every of your home countries. We care about your profit, reputation and future success.​

We are solving most challenging legal issues, showing the real way of things to our Clients and use solid expertise in combination with business-oriented thinking to make cross-border matters simple.


We want your success to grow. We believe in effectiveness and strive for excellence in every detail, so the most sophisticated solutions are delivered to Gutovska's Clients. We prove that result-oriented approach actually makes difference for our Clients. 


Gutovska & Partners is committed to Client's welfare and growth, providing the result to ensure the success of our Clients in every jurisdiction.

Corporate clients, families, innovators, celebrities, decision makers and most powerful people of the continent enjoy legal advice of Gutovska Law Office (Gutovska & Partners).

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