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Qatar Crisis: Investor's Standing

February 14, 2018

Cross-Border Practice in the EU - Highlights 2017

December 27, 2017

Legal Strategy for Early Prevention of Disputes in a JV

October 18, 2017

With a new program of renewable energies support launched in Ukraine and the competitive electricity market opened, despite of a highly increased inte...

Electricity Investments in Ukraine: Solar VS Soviet Power

September 27, 2017

When it comes to all the hardships and stress of hiring new people for a law firm, many of us spent nights into tears of disappointment, and hours of...

Estimating your Value: the Real Cost of Profession by President of the Firm Olga Gutovska

April 26, 2017

Припустімо, я недарма пощу тут статті на сотні тисяч слів і Ви нарешті відкрили subsidiary в Естонії, із чим я Вас щиро вітаю.

Виникає цілком логічне п...

Advantages of Subsidiaries and Doing Business in Estonia (in Ukrainian)

March 5, 2017

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We believe that today's globalised world needs a new standard of legal advice - the one which reflects the international aspirations of business and individuals. Our legal services and solutions aim to help Clients to feel comfortable in every jurisdiction and reach new heights. We advise on cross-border matters, making the borders a formality, not an obstacle. Our client-centered practice provides a full range of cross-border services, from legal protection of investments and advice on acquisitions to reputation protection and wealth protection.

Cross-border matters require deep understanding of transactional side as well as expertise in legal systems of jurisdictions involved. We are proud of having both and offering the highest quality of service to Clients. Cross-border matters Gutovska & Partners advises on include investments, corporate structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, complex transactions and projects.



We are proud of offering advice and services in most complex projects, which involve multiple jurisdictions in the region.

Gutovska & Partners is a proven advisor in most challenging cases in EMEA. We work for you in every jurisdiction.

When the whole world is home for our private Clients, we know how to make it welcoming. We protect the rule of law and make sure you are in line with regulation of every of your home countries. We care about your profit, reputation and future success.

We are solving most challenging legal issues, showing the real way of things to our Clients and use solid expertise in combination with business-oriented thinking to make cross-border matters simple.



We want your success to grow. We believe in effectiveness and strive for excellence in every detail, so the most sophisticated solutions are delivered to Gutovska's Clients. We prove that result-oriented approach actually makes difference for our Clients. 


Gutovska & Partners is committed to Client's welfare and growth, providing the result to ensure the success of our Clients in every jurisdiction.

Corporate clients, families, innovators, celebrities, decision makers and most powerful people of the continent enjoy legal advice of Gutovska Law Office (Gutovska & Partners).


Gutovska & Partners provides unique legal solutions and exclusive legal advice for corporate clients, entrepreneurs, families and innovators.

Integrated legal protection of investment

Investments in the new markets are usually associated with high risks and a number of obstacles, from difficulties of interacting with host government and local authorities to the challenge of free capital and dividends repatriation. Gutovska & Partners provides integrated legal advice on protection of investment, which includes relevant contracts drafting, negotiations with host government, providing solutions for available public-private partnership, obtaining local incentives, development of a corporate structure of investment vehicle and its integration into Client's business. We use sophisticated legal mechanisms to ensure the safety of investment and minimisation of associated risks. Our Clients invest in developing markets such as those of Central Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe as well as in developed economies. The approach to integrated legal protection of investment is tailored individually in each case to mirror Client's aims in a particular jurisdiction. 


Gutovska provides legal solutions for cross-border acquisitions to protect Client's interest, negotiate and secure the best deal and obtain possible incentives in a host jurisdiction. Cross-border acquisitions often come with a need of enhanced due diligence, corporate planning and complex integration of acquired assets or business. We understand the need to optimise the acquisition and minimise the cost of post-deal integration, so we provide our Clients with bespoke solutions and advice on the transaction. We use the available benefits of bilateral investment treaties, free trade zones, foreign direct investment incentives and special trading regimes to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the transaction. Gutovska also helps with participation in privatisation procedures and acquiring insolvent businesses in the region. We regularly keep our Clients updated with current opportunities to facilitate the growth of their  business.

Expansion to new markets

As our Clients grow their business, we provide complex legal advice and solutions on expansion to new markets. When a number of investment arbitration cases raises from year to year, geopolitical tensions endanger free repatriation of investment, and violence still can threaten normal business operations, it is a matter of paramount importance to secure proper legal protection of expansion to new markets from the beginning. Our services include cross-border corporate advice, structuring and development of legal foundation for a new market. We make sure that entering the new market runs smoothly and falls in line with current business. Whether operations in a new market will be independent or based on a joint venture with a local partner, we take all necessary precautions to protect the Client's interest and benefit from local and international regulation. 

clients about us:

"We would strongly recommend Gutovska & Partners for cross-border projects in the the EU. Very efficient and result-oriented approach and attentive and approachable team"
Coronation BFP

"Gutovska & Partners are those you need in a JV dispute and structuring in CIS. Olga Gutovska represented my companies in a number of negotiations, and I always received a calls form my partners after asking if they can ask for her advice too. Very knowledgable and persistent, a winner lawyer"
Katz Family

"I was advised by Gutovska & Partners on a group structuring in the European Union with some subsidiaries in Ukraine involved, and I must say that having an advisor with truly international paradigm and such a level of responsibility is priceless. Having Gutovska & Partners representing interests of my family in Eastern Europe is a great relief: I can be absolutely confident that maximum to protect the investment, negotiate the best contract and comply with legislative requirements is done. 

I would say that Gutovska & Partners and Olga Gutovska are meticulous and visionary at the same time. They are truly committed to deliver the best result"
HH Sheik Amin Abdou Hassan

"Olga Gutovska is extremely efficient and hard working. She worked for us on a range of acquisitions in Europe, JVs in the Middle East and internal legal matters in the Group"

Lokma Group


"I was advised on JV matters involving a CIS partner, and the work done by Olga Gutovska allowed me to avoid disputes, save a substantial amount of money and get a clear picture of the Eastern Europe market. Also I like the honesty and complex approach of Gutovska & Partners: they show you the picture as it is, clearly explaining the risks, and then offer a range of solutions to achieve the best result" 

Private client, USA


July 18, 2019

Gutovska & Partners international law firm held a special conference to discuss the legal position of the announced restructuring of Deutsche bank. New strategy of Deutsche bank will have a major impact on its shareholders, lenders, and financial industry. How shall the interested parties get prepared to the implementation of the strategy? What are the legal implications of CRU, transfer of risk weighted assets, and preliminary agreement with BNP Paribas? Are clients allowed to have a say? What is the impact of Basel III? Firm's lawyers and guests discussed these and other questions. Managing partner Olga Gutovska delivered a keynote.

March 26, 2019

Gutovska & Partners opens a new legal services centre to provide legal services of top quality for the lowest price.

A new centre, using a combination of technology and expertise of lawyers, will be able to serve needs of clients on a remote basis, offering services at a very competitive price. For example, a company formation in England & Wales costs now as little as 199£ only, and is delivered by a qualified solicitor supported by a unique algorithm.

The centre will be serving both clients and other law firms which are unable to operate at such a low cost.

August 16, 2018

Olga Gutovska, managing partner of the firm, believes in possibility of nurturing values of legal idealism in non-legal environments and shares an opinion on how human interaction can be improved in an ideallistic XXI century, Legal idealism as a system of beliefs, ideas and values can also be adapted not only to human interaction, but to education, governance, management and commercial processes.

Legal Idealism in XXI Century - Human Interaction

Despite some lucky human beings in certain parts of Earth can still enjoy peaceful solitaire life, most of us here in London are forced to interact with others every day. One might argue we can always lock ourselves in a shadowy room of our beautiful house and stay there, surrounded by books, movies and digital enjoyments of Internet. Well, this article is certainly not for those who'd do that. We, business people, professionals, workers, artists, politicians and socialitee, g...

April 28, 2018

Gutovska & Partners changes the brandname to Gutovska Law Office. 

The new branding campaign will mirror exactly the core of the firm -- the practice of Olga Gutovska.

The high-class PR agency, hired for the branding, confirmed that the "partners" word in the name is confusing to an average customer, while "Gutovska Law Office" gives a proper understanding of the practice structure.

February 14, 2018

Since it's been more than half a year since the launch of Gulf blockade of Qatar due to terrorist activity allegations, there surprisingly were no arbitration..

December 27, 2017

Olga Gutovska, Managing Partner of Gutovska & Partners, shares a brief insight of cross-border legal practice in the EU of 2017.


While in London most busy people already came back from islands, and massively went shopping, I didn't have much fun today. Promised myself not to work, but afternoon walk with friends was cancelled because of -- guess what -- rain, restaurants and streets are totally packed with simply terrible crowds, going out of an island in the end of the day wasn't an option, and fox hunting's banned in the U.K. since 2004, so voila. You magically received a chance to read of what I think about how 2017 has shaped global cross-border M&A practice, and how the practice reacted back. Everything below is purely my opinion, which might differ from any official ones, and is aimed purely to entertain my dear colleagues and clients, who might also...